Your Spouse is in a Nursing Home
at $8,000 per Month...



Don't give all the assets
to the nursing home or to Medicaid...
You don't have to!!!

Learn how a married patient can quickly qualify for nursing home Medicaid (or other long-term care), using approved Medicaid eligibility rules, and still protect assets for their spouse or family, even if already in care.

To protect the assets of
a single, widowed or
divorced patient

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  1. The new Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) rules will keep you from protecting assets from Medicaid? - False
  2. If married, you must 'spend down' half or more of everything on care before qualifying for Medicaid? - False
  3. If you give away assets, you are automatically disqualified from Medicaid for 5 years? - False
  4. When qualifying for Medicaid, the spouse of the patient will be left impoverished? - False
  5. You can give each of your children and grandchildren up to $13,000 per year without affecting Medicaid eligibility? - False
  6. A Living Trust will protect assets from Medicaid? - False
  7. Once in a nursing home, there is nothing you can do to protect assets from Medicaid? - False
If you believe any of these myths
you need to find out how Medicaid really works!!!

Do any of the following describe your situation?:

  1. Your spouse is in, or about to enter, a nursing home or other expensive long-term care.
  2. Your spending $4,000, $6,000, $8,000 or more per month on care.
  3. You still have savings or other assets that ought to be used for your own support or benefit...not go to the nursing home.
  4. You want to establish Medicaid eligibility for your spouse as quickly as possible.

And does any of this sound familiar?

  1. The "nice" lady at the Medicaid office tells you that under the new rules half or more of your money MUST be spent on can't protect all your assets.
  2. Your regular attorney tells you the new DRA (Deficit Reduction Act) Medicaid rule changes make it impossible to protect all your assets.
  3. The big "Medicaid Specialist" attorney wants $5,000, $10,000 or more just to explain what you should do.
  4. Everyone tells you that if you give anything away you have to wait at least 5 years before you can get on Medicaid.
  5. Your friends and relatives have so many different opinions about Medicaid eligibility that you don't know what to believe.

With so much information (or should we say "misinformation") out there, you can become paralyzed...and very frustrated.

But did you know that you can easily learn how (using approved Federal and State MEDICAID eligibility rules) to qualify your spouse for nursing home or other long-term care MEDICAID - quickly! In fact, we have identified at least 17 different easy-to-understand strategies designed to get a patient qualified for Medicaid while protecting your assets for you and your family. And most of these strategies are ones you can quickly implement yourself, without having to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney or other professional. Anyone can do it - you just need to learn how!.

The Financial Aid Center For Long Term Care has helped Thousands save $Millions$!!!, and we can quickly teach you how to legally protect assets from Medicaid for you and your family, even if your spouse is already in a nursing home.

We realize that you don't know us yet, but we have been helping families deal with Medicaid qualification, eligibility and the protection of assets since 1995. We understand the difficulties families have dealing with the details of Medicaid nursing home eligibility (including other forms of long-term care) and the protection of assets. But these difficulties arise because you are working from a position of ignorance and fear. Your local Medicaid office is not going to educate you on the subject, but we will. It's not that complicated.

We have seen families waste tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we honestly hate to think of you wasting one more day (at up to $400 or more per day), needlessly throwing money away, only to later discover that all you lacked was the Medicaid knowledge necessary to save it.

That's why we created the Medicaid Married Solutions Manual ... to show you how to get your spouse quickly qualified for Medicaid, while protecting assets.

Protecting assets while qualifying for Medicaid is not that complicated - once you understand how the Medicaid laws and rules really work. All you really lack is the education, and that is exactly what the Medicaid Married Solutions Manual provides. This easy-to-understand Medicaid information is what you've been looking for. How do we know? Because we've personally helped countless families qualify for Medicaid while saving millions of dollars - people just like you.

To demonstrate how effective the Medicaid Married Solutions Manual can be, let's look at a typical Medicaid scenario. We'll call our hypothetical couple the Johnsons. Although actual situations vary widely, we'll assume that Mrs. Johnson is 79 years old and has been placed in a nursing facility, which is expected to be a permanent situation. The Johnson's financial situation is fairly typical. They own their own home (no mortgage), a 3-year-old car, and the normal assortment of household and personal property. Between their bank accounts, CDs and a small annuity, they have about $150,000 when Mrs. Johnson goes into the nursing home.

Their combined income (Social Security, pension, etc.) of $2,500 doesn't come close to covering the $7,500 per month bill at the nursing home, let alone leave any money for Mr. Johnson to live on. In fact, their assets are going backwards at the rate of about $6,000 per month.

Mr. Johnson and his son talk with their attorney, the local Medicaid office, anyone else they can think of. Everyone tells them the same thing. Their only choice is to continue to spend their money on the nursing home until they have "spent down" to about $75,000, and then Mrs. Johnson will be able to go on Medicaid. Everybody realizes that won't take long. And, like most folks in this situation, Mr. Johnson is absolutely distraught over the thought of losing half their life's savings to a nursing home.

By the time their son hears about us, their savings have shrunk to about $125,000. But, within a few hours of receiving the Medicaid Married Solutions Manual, they have selected 4 of the 17 strategies to implement. Within a week Mrs. Johnson is qualified for Medicaid. The Johnson's financial bleeding has been stopped. And this in spite of the fact that any number of people had told them there was nothing they could do, but spend, spend, spend. In fact, Mrs. Johnson is today still in the same facility, on Medicaid, and still receiving exactly the same care. She's even still in the same room. And the monthly cost has been reduced from $7,500 to just over $800. And as Mr. Johnson says, the only thing better would have been if they had found us $25,000 sooner.

And that's just one example among many. In our Medicaid Married Solutions Manual we'll show you how to accomplish a similar outcome for your own family.

Your Medicaid Married Solutions Manual contains
specific Medicaid information for every state,
plus free web-based access to state-specific updates.

In your Medicaid Married Solutions Manual you will learn:

  • The nursing home Medicaid eligibility rules in your state.
  • The Medicaid eligibility and qualification rules for care in other than a nursing home.
  • 17 easy-to-implement strategies to protect assets from Medicaid.
  • How this knowledge can be used to quickly qualify the patient for benefits.
  • How much of your assets can be fully protected.
  • How the new DRA Medicaid rules affect you.

Some of the other important Medicaid facts you will also learn:

  • The difference between the 60-month look back period (created by the DRA Medicaid rule changes) and the penalty period.
  • How, using a little-known rule, one elderly couple was able to transfer their $300,000 home to their daughter and then qualify for Medicaid the next day. Most people who qualify for this "special treatment" are not even aware that it exists, and Medicaid is not likely to tell you about it, either.
  • How placing assets in a typical Living Trust does not protect them from Medicaid...and may actually hinder the process.
  • When NOT to apply for Medicaid. Avoid the mistake made by one couple who applied for Medicaid a month too soon and ended up disqualified from Medicaid for over 20 years. It's simple enough to avoid, but most people are just not aware. The Medicaid Married Solutions Manual will show you exactly what you need to know.
  • Which strategies you can easily implement yourself without having to pay a high-priced attorney.

...And there is much, much more!

The Medicaid Married Solutions Manual is written with the average person in mind. It's written in a straightforward, easy to understand, step-by-step style. You don't have to wade through a lot of legal mumbo jumbo or bureaucratic double speak. After you finish reading the manual, you WILL understand how Long-Term Care Medicaid qualification really works. But, more importantly, you will have available for your immediate use, up to 17 separate strategies that are highly effective in protecting assets from Medicaid. These are strategies that are easy to understand and easy to implement. Most of the strategies will not require the assistance of an attorney or other high-priced advisor. In other words, you can do it yourself. Everything you need is right here.

Some of the other money-saving facts and techniques include:
  • How to get around the problem of income being too high.
  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies to avoid "spending down" assets on care.
  • State-specific Medicaid information and standards for every state.
  • How to change a countable asset into a non-countable or exempt asset.
  • How to create income for the spouse that doesn't affect Medicaid qualification.
  • How to protect assets from "Estate Recovery" after you're both dead and gone.

Medicaid Married Solutions Manual
Medicaid Married Solutions Manual

There's a reason we subtitled our book "You're Married ... Your Spouse is in the Nursing Home at $8,000 per Month ... NOW WHAT?" Because that's real life. But we have the answers to the question: "NOW WHAT?" And you can have them too!

Remember, our manual includes the same tested and proven strategies that we personally use everyday in our offices to help families preserve assets -- strategies that our clients gladly pay us thousands of dollars to learn.

The greatest advantage you gain by using our
Medicaid Married Solutions Manual is eliminating guesswork.
You'll save money and avoid costly mistakes.

When you understand how the Medicaid system REALLY works,
there is no trial and error.

So How Much Does the
Medicaid Married Solutions Manual Cost?

The Medicaid Married Solutions Manual is priced at only $39, which is less than the national average cost for 5 hours in a nursing home. Now, could any rational person argue that $39 is too much to pay to learn how to save your family tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? Of course not.

After all, when people are spending hundreds of dollars per day on care, why would anyone want to waste their time trying to "figure it all out" on their own... especially when the answers are right here - right now. By this time next week you could have the knowledge, the tools and, best of all, a plan of action to protect thousands of dollars of family assets.

Here are 2 easy ways to order your very own copy of
the Medicaid Married Solutions Manual

  1. Click here to order with a credit card right now using our Secure Server.

  2. Click Here to print a Mail-In Order Form.

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Real Life Situations

"On several occasions I tried to get answers from the local Medicaid office. I could not get a straight answer. I was told that they don't have time to answer questions. It was as if I was bothering them. Finally I was told that I should do whatever I was going to do and when we applied they would tell me whether we qualified, didn't qualify or perhaps even were disqualified. Then I found your website. The education I received from your MAPP manual is worth a thousand times the small cost. Within a day or two I knew more about Medicaid and how to protect our assets than I would ever learn from a hundred calls to Medicaid. Even the attorneys I checked with had no clue, and they admitted it. The information you provide is so concise, easy to understand, and applies to real life situations like ours. The bottom line is that I was able to get my wife on Medicaid while protecting every last cent of our estate. You'll never know how grateful we are for what you provide."

* * * * *

"What you and your organization provide for people like us is absolutely terrific. I now have a clear plan to follow and know exactly what to do to protect our assets. Best few bucks Iíve ever spent. I never imagined that saving $100,000 could be that simple."

* * * * *

"After reading your book it was like a light came on."

* * * * *

"Everyone told us that the only way for my parents to protect their assets was to give them away at least five years before going on to Medicaid. Like most people, they hadnít done anything yet when Mom had her stroke. We figured they were going to lose it all. Thatís when we discovered your site and purchased your Medicaid Married Solutions Manual. We learned that most of what we thought we knew was wrong. By following the steps laid out in the manual, Mom is now on Medicaid and Dad saved almost $75,000 of their $80,000 of savings."

* * * * *

"From you folks I learned that my parents qualified for a special exemption and were entitled to transfer their home to me and then immediately qualify for Medicaid. In three trips to the Medicaid office I had never been told this, and, in fact, was warned that if they gave their home to me they would be disqualified for over four years. Without the MAPP material I would never have known."

* * * * *

"After my Father went into a nursing home, I spent months on the Internet trying to figure out the Medicaid rules for my Mother. I never accomplished that, but I did locate a number of lawyers who wanted many thousands of dollars to "help" me. Eventually I purchased your manual and within a few hours knew exactly what we needed to do to protect my parentís assets for Mom's future support. Whatís really sad is that I had found your website about three months earlier. I figured that I was smart enough that I didnít need to spend money to learn what I would eventually be able to figure out on my own. That three-month delay cost my Mom about $10,000, lost to the nursing home. I could kick myself for being so stupid."

The Financial Aid Center for Long Term Care, Inc.
provides information for families faced with the financial devastation of long-term care.
We specialize in helping patients qualify for Medicaid assistance,
while protecting assets and savings for their families.

The Medicaid Married Solutions Manual can help residents of any of these states:

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